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I’ve spent days thinking about which Burger joints should be on my Burger Bucket List. The “List” includes those must eat at Burger Joints that you haven’t made it to and surely need to before your end of days. I have George Motz of Hamburger America to thank for turning me onto most of these. Tell me about your list, my list is below:

1) Minetta’s Tavern in New York, NY

2) Kuma’s Corner in Chicago, IL

3) The Billy Goat Tavern & Grill in Chicago, IL

4) Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT

5) The Meers Store in Meers, OK

6) Solly’s Grille in Glendale, WI

7) Dyers Restaurant in Memphis, TN

8) Holeman & Finch in Atlanta, GA

9) Bobcat Bite in Sante Fe, NM

10) Apple Pan in Los Angeles, CA

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  • The Burger Beast

    Thomas, I'm not interested in eating at the Billy Goat because I think it might be an amazing burger but more because of the history associated with the place.

  • Shs619

    I would have to add Taylor's Refresher in Napa!

  • Anonymous

    # 7 Dyers: Oooooh. Every time I see them on food network I start drooling. And then I start thinking about all that grease and wondering if the fried burgers could really be that good and how greasy they must be. And then I drool….

  • Rachael
  • ccburgers

    i have been to louies lunch it was very good, this was pre charm city there burger had a distict flavor to it that we tried to duplicate with one of our blends a the meat company. we serve this blend at charm city today. very cool place too. the have foxen park sodas which rock.

  • Anonymous

    Kuma's Corner is amazing!! Their Death Metal Burgers rock…however the two hour wait sucks.

  • Anonymous

    I've been trying and trying to eat at Kuma's, but the wait is crazy. They had a stand in Lollapalooza this year and the crowd seemed bigger than on some of the stages.
    Billy Goats is a very cool place, the hamburger is ok, just make sure that you are on the original one and order a Schitz on draft

  • SteveBM

    For me its Charm City, Minetta Tavern (NY), and Radius (Boston)

  • Anonymous

    The Katsu's California Roll Hamburger or the King Kobe Burger at 26 Beach Restaurant in Venuce, CA.

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