ROK BRGR burger bar+ gastropub coming to Ft. Lauderdale

Rok Brgr Opening

Rok Brgr Burger Bar + Gastropub should be opening in downtown Ft. Lauderdale within the next couple of weeks. While the entire menu has not been released, info about the burgers has. Burgers will be “Black Angus Beef and American Kobe Beef from small boutique farmers. Our house blend is custom made for us with 4 different cuts of beef. Every burger is hand made, always fresh and never frozen.” There will also be a full bar and over 50 Craft Beers. It’s shaping up to be to be a pretty cool joint.

Coming Soon:

ROK BRGR burger bar+ gastropub
Facebook: Rok Brgr
208 SW 2nd St, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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  • Whack-a-mole

    Why do they say "American Kobe beef?" What does that even mean? Why don't they say Waygu, if that's what they mean, or Wagyu-Angus hybrids, which is what most 'Kobe-style' beef is?

  • Anonymous

    congradulations you actually know the orginal name of beef..Does that make you feel important? You guys good luck sounds cool..

  • Anonymous

    They are opening this weekend! It is gonna be huge