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gastroPod Airstream Trailer

gastroPod was the 1st of the new generation of Miami Food Trucks. gPod’s creator is Chef Jeremiah who has quite a resume including working at El Bulli in Spain. His restaurant/bistro Bullfrog Eatz is still spoken of today as a thing of legend. The menu on the gastroPod is constantly evolving which is good thing for us fans of his cooking. My favorite? Mo’ Better Burger w/egg or the Short Rib Slider.

Current + Past Menu Items

Triple Decker Slider Burger
Stuffed with shaved pork belly on a potato bun
+ onions cooked in bacon / fire n ice terrine

Triple Decker Slider

Mo’ Better Burger
6 oz patty ground fresh short rib, brisket & sirloin
+ poached egg, slaw & gPod sauce

Mo’ Better Burger

Old Dirt Dawg
Smokey beef hot dog, potato bun & stupid slaw (maybe mustard, if you’re nice)
+ aged cheddar fondue, mustard seeds

Old Dirt Dawg (Short Rib)
Short rib hot dog, potato bun & stupid slaw (maybe mustard, if you’re nice)

Old Dirt Dog (Short Rib)

Sloppy Jose
Slow cooked beef brisket, tangy espresso Q sauce

Sloppy Jose

Pulled Pork Sandy
Smoked n pulled pig, homemade pickles

Pulled Pork Sandy

Crispy White Corn Cake
Poached egg, slaw, chipotle crema

Bánh mì Pork Tacos
Pulled pork, Nu+o+’c cha^’m, cilantro, spicy Japanese mayo

Bánh mì Oxtail Taco
Oxtail, trotters, country pate, carrots, pickled radishes, & Nu+o+’c cha^’m

Slow Cooked Chili
Red beans, chunks of beef, tomato base

Curry in a Hurry
Vegan Squash, Coconut Milk & Basmati Rice

NITRO Shake of the Day
chilled with liquid nitrogen LN2

Short Rib Slider
Slow Cooked Beef Shorties

Short Rib Sliders

El Chinito Cubano
Benton’s Ham, Pork Belly Terrine, Hoisin Mustard

Breakfast of Champions
Grits, Poached Egg

Quesadilla Encendida
Slow cooked beef short ribs

Spinach Salad
House dressing

Corned Beef
Lengua, melba toast & mustard

Homemade rosewater marshmallow, Nutella, graham cracker & fire

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