Prime 112 – South Beach, Florida

My buddy (an actual friend not the 1980’s toy) called me up and tells me that I must eat at Prime One Twelve. What do I know about Prime One Twelve? It seems as if every celebrity that visits Miami ends up there. In other words, it’s a place that does not normally interest me. After looking over the menu I have a change of heart, comfort food heaven. The prices of course are higher than my usual hot spots. I figured let’s do this, if it’s worth it I’m always willing to pay.

We head out for lunch and decide to make the hard decisions, we order (our table is pictured above): Tomato Basil Soup w/ Mini Fontina Grilled Cheese, Five Cheese Truffle ‘MAC’, KOBE Beef Hot Dog, 1 lb. KOBE Cheeseburger, Sea Salt Baked Potato w/ Vermont Butter, Applewood Smoked Bacon Bits and Chive Sour Cream , Potato Pancakes and Crispy White Truffle French Fries.

Now you must be thinking, there’s no way they ate all that food and you would be correct. Everything was delicious, except for the potato pancakes which I found to be way too crispy and not potato-ey enough. And one last thing, it would be great if they removed the name KOBE from the burger and dog because we all know it’s not authentic KOBE from Japan. For your drooling pleasure, please check out all the pics below especially the one with the bacon chunks on top of the baked potato.

Tomato Basil Soup w/Mini Fontina Grilled Cheese

Five Cheese Truffle ‘MAC’

porn star gigantic KOBE Beef Hot Dog

1 lb. KOBE Cheeseburger

Baked Potato

Potato Pancakes

Truffle Fries

When Large is not Big enough:

Prime One Twelve
Facebook: Prime 112
112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

  • AdvisorGirl


  • Anonymous

    Bacon looks delicious, but the hot dog looks overcooked and dry… how was it to eat?

    • Hot Dog had a crispy exterior. It wasn’t dry at all actually.

  • netmover

    what did that lunch set U back? and how was the Burger??

    • Around $150 with tax and tip. Burger was good but nothing to come running here to try.