Mamasita’s Taqueria – Costa Maya, Mexico

Mamasita’s Taqueria is located right at the port of Costa Maya. After having paid some dude to take is into the city where we were stopped by some sort of checkpoint, and checking out what local spots there were, I decided it might be safer to eat at the port (for sanitary reasons). In retrospect, I probably should have taken my chances with the other grub. Mamasita’s does have Taqueria in its name so I’m thinking they gotta hit those out of the ballpark. Nachos, Quesadillas too, what the hell, it’s Mexican right?

Costa Maya Nachos

The only thing Mexican or authentic about this place is the soil it was built on. This is the same food you’ll find at those chain Tex-Mex joints all over the city.

not so authentic Tacos

The tacos have CHEESE for God’s sake, yes CHEESE. Jack and cheddar cheeses on authentic tacos, I don’t think so!

papitas of the frozen variety

This place sells fries, I couldn’t resist and ordered them. Just as I thought, the frozen variety.

the ol’ under the tab routine

Why does everyone at all the ports put straws under the tab on the can of soda? My suggestion if you find yourself at Costa Maya, stay away unless you plan to get drunk and then who really cares what you’re eating. Actually I do, lol.

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