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Heavy Burger – Aventura. Florida

American Cheese & Bacon Burger

El Rey de las Fritas

I’m a sucker for all things metal from the 80s so Heavy Burger had me excited before I even stepped foot inside of it. The craziest thing about Heavy Burger is that it’s not a brick and mortar location but a giant red tent (you’ll notice the red hue on some of the pics). When we pulled up I thought it might have been some covered outdoor seating area till I realized it was the actual restaurant.

Cheese Fries
Cheese Fries

I told myself I that wouldn’t have any appetizers only the Burger but after seeing the Cheese Fries on the menu I couldn’t resist. And I also saw a sampler calling my name and I figured, well I already broke my original promise to myself, what the hell!

Apps Sampler
Apps Sampler

I forgot to mention that every dish is named after a band and/or some metal phrase. I really appreciated the kids menu call “Way Cool Jr.” but that’s because I am a RATT, I mean……I was a Ratt fan back in the day. So onward, the Appetizer Platter was an array of the usual frozen apps: 2 Chicken Taquitos, 2 Chicken Tenders, 4 Wings and 4 Onion Rings. Nothing special here, I would stay clear although one of the Sauces served with the Tenders was very good. The Fries, that’s another story altogether. This is a must order item, super delicious with this sharp Cheddar Cheese on them. You could add Chili but I’d stick with the straight up Cheese.

Ball Breaker Open Faced
Ball Breaker Open Faced
Ball Breaker Burger
Ball Breaker Burger

Chunktronics decided to order the Ball Breaker which is their version of the Burger sandwiched between 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (also known as a “Fatty Melt” in some circles). They also add an excessive amount of Onion Strings to it which takes away from the Burger. This Burger was cooked “Griddle Fried” aka on the flat top while the Burger I ordered, the Heavy Burger (Classic) was ordered “Fire Grilled” aka on the grill, flame broiled, that sort of thing. The Heavy Burger (Classic) had a nice crust on the outside which the griddle fried was lacking. The Ball Breaker was also hurt as I mentioned previously by all the Onions it, it was Overkill (Yes! I snuck in an ’80s Metal reference).

American Cheese & Bacon Burger
American Cheese & Bacon Burger

Heavy Burger - Aventura, Florida

The Burgers are sold solo so all you get is the sandwich unless you ask for a side of Fries which are definitely recommended but extra. I’d skip the Ball Breaker and eat the Heavy Burger (Classic) and if you’re creative, there’s enough choices to create your own specialty Burger. I won’t tell you to run here but maybe a light jog will be in order.

Heavy Burger is Closed
Facebook: Heavy Burger
Twitter: @HeavyBurger
19004 NE 29th Avenue, Aventura, FL

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  • mmakis

    Close to my neck of the woods, I'll keep an eye out for a red tent. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bob

    Went with my wife for lunch on Saturday. We really enjoyed the burgers, perfectly cooked (fire grilled) with excellent sauces on the side. Bacon was crisp and was a good additon to my burger. The fries were also good. We ordered them plain and dipped them in the sauces we ordered on the side. Friendly wait staff, great owner. Owner stopped at the table to see how we liked the food and chatted with us. I will be going back.

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