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Luvin’ Grub is a Mobile Food Rig in St. Augustine

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Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

After having made a five hour drive to St. Augustine with one stop on the way up, I was starving. Little did I know that at 6PM on Sundays most restaurants in this area are closed. We decided to take a drive down San Marco when my wife Marcela spots this maroonish food trailer outside of a bar. It looks like Harley and tacky Honda motorcycle night at the bar. We park and walk up to the serving window. We’re greeted by a friendly lady explaining to us how everything is cooked to order and that nothing is frozen, my kinda place.

Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

After looking over the menu, I decide I’m gonna hit up the Cheeseburger and some fries while Marcela wants to try the Hot Dog. As you can see, we’re very adventurous while out of town. I watch as a fresh Burger patty is placed on the flat top and as the all beef Hot Dog is sliced in half and placed face down next to his compadre.

She can see me watching what’s going on inside and re-iterates the whole made to order deal. It’s also mentioned at the bottom of their menu board, it’s missing some letters giving it a serial killer like vibe (picture above). I start up a conversation about the Food Truck Scene in Miami and explain how it’s growing and that we know about the wait. At that point I decide to tack on a Buffalo Chix sandwich too.

Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

Both the Hot Dog and Cheese Fries are ready at the same time.  My wife loves the Hot Dog and Cheese Fries. I was way more fond of the Dog. The Fries were crispy and salted perfectly but that Cheese didn’t do anything for me.

Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

The Cheeseburger comes out and he looks beautiful. The Burger was so juicy and it hit the spot. My only complaint would be to change the Bun to something heftier. I devoured mine rather quickly but that bottom bun can’t really withstand a patty of that size. It’s a minor thing and wouldn’t stop me from eating it again.

Luvin' Grub Food Truck - St. Augustine, Florida

Tops tops tops in my book are the “Chic Nubs” which make up the Buffalo Chix Sandwich. Those little breaded white meat nubs are topped with not a Hot Sauce but more of a Hot glaze. You’re better off ordering these alone instead of in the Sandwich form. I found myself picking them out and eating them individually. Right before we left I asked if they had seen any other Food Trucks in the area but they hadn’t. Is this the 1st of many to come?

Find Them:

Luvin’ Grub @ Mardi Gras Sports Bar lot
123 San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine FL
Hours: Tues – Fri 5PM -11PM, Sat/Sun 12PM – 12AM

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