Burger King’s BK Stacker $1, $2 and $3 Promotion

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Burger King is running a new BK Stacker promotion which is pretty self explanatory. You get the BK Single Stacker for $1, BK Double Stacker for $2 and you can pretty much guess that the BK Triple Stacker is the $3 deal. No word on how long this is going on for so eat up!

  • Mark

    Isn’t it better to get three singles and stack it yourself? 3 slices of cheese instead of 2 and 6 slices of bacon instead of 3… and two extra buns wasted…. If that is the best they come up with their price scientist commercial they need new marketing people!!

  • Steve

    Where’s the beef? I got a $1 stacker and the size of the beef pattie was about the size of 50 cent coin. Was no where like the pictures in the adds showing meat comeing out from under the bun. What a joke.