Hit Up Pincho Factory for this week’s Buffalo Bleu Burger

This Week’s Pincho Factory Specialty Burger is the Buffalo Bleu. It’s the Pincho Factory 5 oz. patty topped with buffalo wing hot sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, and kettle cooked potato chips on a toasted Brioche bun. It’s available in Double form which is pictured below. The Buffalo Blue Burger is available til next Sunday, March 27th.

Pincho Buffalo Bleu Burger

Pincho Factory
Facebook: Pincho Factory
Twitter: @PinchoFactory
9860 Bird Road, Miami, FL

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  • Carlos Aldeano

    This place should be called the HYPE Factory.

    I bet you only go eat here cuz you get free food, the food is not all that. The pinchos suck weiner and the burger is like having a whopper at Burger King.. Step it up, broham.

  • I eat there because the food is good. You’re entitled to your opinion even though you’re a freakin’ meathead.

  • lovinglife721

    Loved the chicken pincho and all the different sauces. Can’t wait to try this burger. Blue cheese is my weakness.