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The Flying Saucer Food Truck – CLOSED

El Rey de las Fritas

The Flying Saucer Truck

The Flying Saucer is run by a three headed monster named Adrian Sanchez, Jose Solares and Fernando Tur. Its main attraction are the Wings and Chicken Tenders with 25 optional Sauces. The Philly Cheese Steak not only has Whiz (the authentic cheese for Cheese Steaks in Philly) but imported Bread from there. If you’re undecided on what to try I’d start with the Chicken Strips which are killer. The full Menu is below:

The Flying Saucer Menu
Philly Cheese Steak
Chicken Strips w/Guava Sauce
Wings w/Buffalo Hot Sauce

Get Sauced:

The Flying Saucer is Closed
Facebook: The Flying Saucer
Twitter: @TFSaucer

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  • Javier

    This is gonna be the gourmet of gourmet trucks! The Philly and Greek Salad are to die for!! And with 25 distinctly different, and delectable sauces…you will have a new favorite each visit! Check ’em out! You can’t go wrong!

  • The beast has spoken… but it does not seem like he has tried the wares… On seeing this post we thought it was a truck just with “platillo volador” sandwiches. The menu does make mention of it… What’s the correlation of flying saucer to the food they serve? The truck motif is also a bit… eh…

    Wish them luck… hope something they have makes an impact… nothing seems unique… 🙁

    • @CC The Flying Saucer I assume is in reference to the amount of sauces for the wings. I believe it was originally going to be called Wing Wiz.

    • chunkman3000

      @CC dont be a hater!

  • Carl

    Another Wing truck? Looks like they have wing commander beat by about 15 sauces! Looking forward to trying it out even though the artwork looks sketchy

  • Bianca

    best philly cheesesteaks. wowed me. and the guys are super nice.

  • AMAZING SLIDERS!!!!!! You HAVE to try the Big Kahuna, Cowboy & the Cubanito. To die for!!! 🙂

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