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Hazel’s Hot Dogs – St. Augustine, Florida

Relish/Mustard Dog and Chili Cheese Dog

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Hazel s Hot Dogs - St. Augustine, Florida

On our way back to the hotel I spot Hazel’s Hot Dogs. So I of course do what I gotta do, stop & order a couple of dogs along with some of their fresh cut Fries.

I topped the Fries with their Chili and Cheese but it really didn’t do it for me. The Fries were great and I should have just stuck to dipping them in ketchup.

Same thing with the Chili Cheese Dog, the bean Chili just didn’t give me what I needed Chili wise. The Hot Dogs do have a great snap when you bite into them which was a nice surprise.

The “Spicy” Dog is where it’s at. It’s topped with Datil Peppers and Brown Mustard, just spicy enough. I think most of you wimps out there can handle it.

Chili Cheese Fresh Cut Fries
Chili Cheese Fresh Cut Fries
Spicy Dog (Datil Peppers) and Chili Cheese Dog
Spicy Dog (Datil Peppers) and Chili Cheese Dog

If you spot Hazel’s while driving around St. Augustine stop in and give that Spicy Dog a shot, it’s totally worth it.

Hazel’s Hot Dogs
2400 N Ponce De Leon Blvd St. Augustine, FL 32084

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