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El Rincon Del Coquí is a small orange trailer serving up some big Puerto Rican flavors. The attraction for me was the Tripleta sandwich. The sammy comes with Churrasco, Chicken, Pork, Lettuce and their homemade sauce and served cut in half (wrap style). For those of you begging for some diversity out on the Miami Food Truck scene, El Rincon Del Coquí fits the bill.



Bori Burger

Alcapurrias de Carne & Relleno de Maduro

Alcapurrias de Carne

Relleno de Maduro

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  • Veronica

    Burger Beast: Thanks so much for reviewing this truck. The tripleta is amazing !! and now the rest of Miami knows how good it is.

  • LEX

    PINCHOS! It cant be boricua without some pichos and mofongo!

  • eve

    When are you coming to Broward??? Hard Rock is a great venue and so is the Broward center.

  • jo

    I ate there sandwich it was tasteless and in the end the next day i was sick


      I see the problem, your grammar must be upsetting your stomach as much as it is everyone else’s: “I ate their sandwich” is the sentence structure you’re looking for. Here is another correction: “It was tasteless and in the end the next day I was still whiny.” Hope this helps.

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