Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue in Downtown Miami, Florida

You just can’t trust the GPS on your phone. I’ve been wanting to buy one for use exclusively in my car (where else would I use it?) and it would have come in handy today. I get lost in Downtown easily but luckily Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue was easy to find after my disastrous attempt to drive down a one way road thanks to my GPS.

I walked in and could smell the BBQ goodness in the air. I felt right at home as this isn’t one of those trendy pretentious places trying to pass themselves as a barbecue joint.  While I don’t consider myself a BBQ expert I do consider myself an “experto” at spotting a fake.

Sparky's Wings

I was kinda torn as to which of the appetizers to go for but the Wings and Corn Nuggets ended up being my choices. I wanted to try the Hush Puppies also but I figured there’s always next time if I dig this place. The Wings were awesomely smokey and delicious but those Corn Nuggets. Damn those guys! The Corn Nuggets are breaded cream of corn deep fried. They’re served with a side of ranch for dipping but it’s really not necessary. Wow.

Sparky's Corn Nuggets

Corn Nuggets Up Close

My wife Marcela orders Tyler’s Pressed Sandwich (Brisket, Pulled Pork, Sauteed Onions, American Cheese & BBQ Sauce) while I go for the obvious choice of the half pound Angus Beef Burger w/American Cheese. The sandwiches are served with Waffle Fries (interesting) and Coleslaw (not my cup of tea). There are a bunch of sauces at the table, six to be exact. Sparky’s BBQ Sauce was my favorite of the 6 but the one labeled “Magma” is sure to guarantee a bad time for the person who doesn’t realize the serious heat they’re about to take on.

1/2 Pound Angus Burger

I liked Tyler’s Pressed Sandwich but I wish we had just decided to have the Brisket or the Pulled Pork individually. I’m not trying to dissuade you from having this I just think since it was our first time here we should have tried out the goods solo. Now, as for the burger…..well I was kinda speechless. It was so good, since the smokey taste permeated the patty. It had 2 slices of American Cheese and nothing else on it. I barely touched the waffle fries. I was mesmerized by it so much so that I ordered a second one.

Cornbread & Mac'n Cheese

Mac'n Cheese

The Mac’n Cheese and Cornbread were both fresh and solid. Good stuff and the Cornbread ended up being my guinea pig for the sauces I mentioned before. Also try the Apple Wood and Hickory Smoked Boneless Chicken Thigh, it’s killer.

Sparky's Chalkboard

Burger numero dos arrives and I don’t even remember eating it but I know I did. And I’d suggest you do the same. When you go save me a seat!

Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue
204 Northeast 1st Street
Miami, FL 33131

  • Carlos Almodovar

    this place was the best thank you for the head’s up

  • Ken Wilbanks

    Wow finally these guys are getting the credit they deserve. As a chef I look for great food that doesn’t try to be something its not. Sparkys has some of the best BBQ ( besides my own ) you can get, don’t forget about the great value for the buck!!! Great job guys you got it right.