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Where is this burger from?

El Rey de las Fritas

Can you guess where this burger is from? There might be something in it for whoever answers correctly in the comments section!


A whole bunch of folks commented and emailed in McDonald’s Big Mac but that would have been too easy. The burger pictured is the Big Boy sandwich from Big Boy which is what the Big Mac was patterned after.

Big Boy For The Win!

Congratulations to Jorge who guessed correctly and will receive a $25 Gift Card to SONIC, American’s Drive-In!


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  • Tony

    My guess is one burger.

  • Carlos Acosta

    Looks like a Big Mac from McDs

  • Jack

    Charm City?

  • No correct answers!

  • kim p

    Johnny Rockets

  • kim p


  • Chris

    Burger King

  • Jorge Alvarez

    Shoney’s- Bob’s Big Boy

  • mike hernandez

    I dont know how I know this but im pretty sure its a Dennys burger…

  • Leslie M


  • mario a.

    Ok, its plated, so that eliminates a fast food joint. Its a place with paper place matts, so that eliminates Sakaya. Presentation is a tad sloppy, so it eliminates Whisk. Filling station uses crinkly fries, so they are out…Sesame seeds on bun , so Fat Burger is out.

    You are killing me BB. Im venturing a guess…Pincho?

    Hint! Hint!

  • Richard


  • fred

    shake shack. maybe.

  • Mr. Lohan

    Damn Good Burger.

  • Donald Thompson

    The patties are too big for it to be a Big Mac. In the McDonald’s version, they are one-tenth pound (1.6 oz.) each. If the photo is at the restaurant, note the china dish and the design on the tabletop.

  • McDowell’s on Queens Blvd. knock off of the Big Mac.

  • mario a.

    we have big boys? We have sonics? where have I been?

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