CG Burgers in Kendall, Florida

I’ve been to the CG Burgers in Kendall 3 times and I’ve had great experiences every time. The only thing I don’t care for is the ordering system which seems to get backed up very easily. You walk in, look over the menu and order but it takes longer than it should. It might not even be CG Burgers fault, it could be just dummy customers which is what I’m leaning towards.

CG Hot Dog

I only tried the hot dog the first time and it was a great beef hot dog. He was sliced in half which I happen to like. I added some mustard and I was good to go.

CG Fries

CG Onion Rings

On the “Sides” front you have 4 options: Hand Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Zucchini Fries and Onion Rings. My pick hands down were the fresh cut fries. I enjoyed them each time I ordered them. Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Rings (one time they were a bit too oily) were good. My wife had the Zucchini Fries and loved them. I’m not a Zucchini kinda dude but they look appetizing.

CG Burger w/Cheese

There are 9 burgers on the “Classics” menu. You also have the option of ordering a Kobe, Bison or Turkey Burger on the specialty side. I gotta say that I preferred the CG Burger over the Kobe (American not Japanese) Burger. The CG Burger which is a double stack with just cheese was perfect for me. When I tried to add a whole bunch of condiments it died a slow painful death. Keep it simple, at least I did.

I closed out one of the nights with a Gelato Shake of half Vanilla Bean and half Dark Chocolate. So good and the perfect end to a solid burger & fries.

CG Burgers
8525 Mills Dr
Kendall, FL 33183

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  • Suzy Q

    To me, this place was like a glorified Burger King, albeit with better food.

  • Keith

    Went to the one in Fort Lauderdale that just opened. The burger was nothing special, overcooked and no good brown crusting on the outside. The best thing was the salad bar, tons of choices, very fresh and clean. I would go back for the salad bar. They are brave placing their location between a Chipotle and Pei Wei.

    BurgerFi a couple miles away makes a much better burger.

  • Mark Walker

    I just took my daughter to the Coral Springs CG Burger. It was my 2nd visit. This time I had the Philly Burger as a combo with Fries & a drink. I always order my fries well done.

    The place is a good looking location. The burger & fries this time were perfect. I am getting overwhelmed with burgers that are difficult to handle & just too much stuff in them to get into your mouth in a bite.

    The fries were fresh skins on deep fried & not greasy. The burger was filling and a perfect handful.

    I think the quality control at this location is improving.

  • silver hawk

    I used to work for this place and that is the most unorganized and unzanitize place ever they recycle cups from the trash management have no clue on how to manage if the fiid falls on the floor they still place it on the grill cuz its all about the numbers and not about the customer.