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For months everyone had been asking me, when is there going to be an app that can track the Food Trucks in South Florida? After meeting with the great people at 39 Inc. work began on an iPhone & Android application that would do just that.

It’s now available for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store (click here) and for Droid in the Android Market (click here). It will also let you see everyone’s menu and pictures of their food. Best of all, the App is FREE to download. Below you can check out some screen shots of the iPhone version.

Burger Beast’s Food Truck Tracker App
Map Page
Ms. Cheezious Page
Ms. Cheezious’ Menu Page

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  • You should also add details about accepted forms of payment (i.e. Cash only or credit cards accepted)

  • Do you have a list where we can signup to be reminded when it launches? I dont want to miss it

  • This is fabulous! My husband and I traveled to Austin, TX, this Spring, and they have a silmilar ap. We used it everyday! Should be great for locals and tourists!

  • It should list there prices I found some of them a bit high. Yes gas is up but they do not buy rent. Give us good prices we keep on coming.

    • Actually, the trucks do have to pay rent to store their rigs when they’re not serving, in addition to paying a fee for each event they appear at. Plus, their evergy costs are higher per kW than a stand alone restaurant. I’m tired of everyone acting like the trucks get everything for free. It just doesn’t work that way.

    • I think people need to start realizing that most of the food trucks serve GOURMET food that is mostly even better than restaurant food. Also, some food trucks even already have a restaurant location and their truck is an extension of their restaurant. If you think food trucks are too expensive, McDonald’s should be right around your house. I go to the food trucks to enjoy real good food made by real nice people. And I’m glad to pay their prices because most are reasonable considering their ingredients and taste. And the best.part is, there is a truck and money amount for anyone’s budget as well. But, you do get what you pay (or dont pay) for.

  • Coolest app. I want that. Around here I have to sneak around to the food trucks, we have sort of an underground network in Coconut Grove where we text and facebook locations in the area.

  • Glad to see good foodie apps!

    Roadstoves already have an app – its sweet. GPS enabled so you know exactly where the trucks are. I have used it since release. they keep updating it so its always getting better.

    they also have an Android app already – check it out here:

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