Vegas Burgers & Beer in North Miami, Florida

This was written when Vegas Burgers & Beer was known as Flip Burger Bar. Same owners and same great food:

Last time I was at Flip Burger Bar there were different owners. Since then a couple of brothers who were fans of the joint decided to buy it up once it was put up for sale. They’ve changed a few things on the menu but the food is still great and in the case of the mac n’ cheese, better than I remembered it.

I started with the hot wings. You can of course go the mild or medium route but I opted for hot on this particular occasion. Their homemade hot sauce, made with 3 different peppers can be brutal to non chili heads but if you’re looking for some heat and flavor this is definitely it. Took a good look at the wing in the picture and you can see the pieces of the diced peppers.

Hot Wings

I thought to myself once I sat down, I wonder if they’ve still got the Mac n’ Cheese on the menu. Not only is it still there but creamier than ever. This dude’s got 4 different cheeses and will give any “Best Mac ‘n Cheese” a run for the money. So good in fact I took some home for my wife.

Mac ‘n Cheese

Burger was as great I remembered it. I ordered it Medium as the menu mentions it’ll be Medium Well otherwise. I changed it up a bit by adding grilled onions to my faithful topping, American cheese. Once I added a dab of mustard this thing was good to go. The fries were fresh cut with a seasoning mix that I can describe as familiar. Fries are good but not great.

Flip Burger Bar Burger

While sitting there and digesting my food I decided to take a look at the menu again. It turns out they have Chili Cheese Dogs. The dogs are a custom blend made for them in original casing but best of all and not listed on the menu is that you can make your dog a ripper (deep fried for an extra crunchy exterior). The chili which is bean less was perfect for the dog and my afterthought is I should have added some of their hot sauce to this guy. This is the Curt Hennig of Chili Cheese Dogs. Some nacho cheese, diced onions and yellow mustard rounded out this bad boy. You must have this.

Chili Cheese Hot Dog

I’m no beer connoisseur but there’s plenty to choose from at this place (over 25) including a few drafts. On the cola front, I’m disappointed they have cans of soda and not fountain but I heard that’s changing soon. If this is the most I’ve got to complain about then you know I’ve found a goldmine. Now, back to thinking about my next trip to Flip Burger Bar.

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Flip Burger Bar
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Address: 1699 NE 123 Street North Miami, Fl 33181