COOLHAUS Adds The Burger Beast Ice Cream Sandwich

How often can someone say that they’re immortalized as an Ice Cream Sandwich? I will go out on a burger limb and say not many. When COOLHAUS approached me about adding a Burger Beast Ice Cream Sandwich to their line-up, I was ecstatic. COOLHAUS has all these fantastic flavors and cookies to choose from. I thought long and hard about which cookie and/or flavors best represent me.

The BB has Potato Chip & Skor Bar Cookies sandwiching a slab of COOLHAUS’ Brown Butter Candied Bacon Ice Cream. The sandwich is as divine as it sounds. You’ll be able to get your hands on this dude starting this Friday at the Miami HEAT Happy Hour held at Tobacco Road starting at 5PM.

Not the BB but still good!

The best part? It will also be available at all the COOLHAUS trucks in Austin, Los Angeles and New York as well as the store in Culver City, California.

Look for the 2 COOLHAUS trucks around Miami and work your way through their menu. You won’t be disappointed. Oh and make sure to have a BB Ice Cream sammie while you’re there.


Facebook: COOLHAUS Ice Cream Sandwiches
COOLHAUS New York: @CoolhausNY
COOLHAUS Austin: @CoolhausATX
COOLHAUS Miami: @CoolhausMIA

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