Azucar Ice Cream Company brings the Mantecado to Little Havana

I felt right at home when in waltzed (yes I said waltzed) into Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana. The decor, in particular the “Guayabera” wrapped seats with the plastic that everyone’s Cuban grandmother had on their furniture is perfect.

Giant Celia Cruz Painting

Once you you take a good look at the flavors you’ll realize some real thought went into creating the flavors or some drunken nights or both. All the flavors are made in house with natural flavors. You can get the ice cream served in either Small, Large, Sugar Cone or Homemade Waffle Cone (available in Chocolate also). There’s toppings to be had but I didn’t see one person ask for them, this ice cream is best appreciated solo.


Flavors Menu


Their “Featured Desserts” include the Havana Sundae with Platano Maduro, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream and Caramel. As odd as that combination sounds, I’m attracted to it. The 1st couple of times I had the Abuela Maria (Guava, Cream Cheese, Maria cookies mixed with Vanilla Ice Cream), their signature flavor. I can’t imagine ice cream can get any better than this. I’ve sampled pretty much every flavor (yes, you can sample the flavors here) and the Lemon Sorbet is killer too. My wife loves the Beam Me Up (Bourbon-Heath Bar) and I’ve had the Cafe con Leche (Vanilla Ice Cream, a Shot of Express & Hot Fudge) the last few times I’ve visited. I’m loving that one. There’s also Seasonal ice cream and limited edition flavors like Besitos (Vanilla & Pink Meringues) & Red Hot Lover (Banana & Red Hots).


And More Flavors

Cafe Con Leche

For your first visit I would suggest you hit up the Abuela Maria first and work your way from there. There’s not a bad one in the bunch which means bringing folks to share with might be a great idea. One last thing, “Azucar” is Sugar in Spanish and also the catchphrase for the late great Salsa phenom Celia Cruz. She said it best, Azucar!

The Details:

Azucar Ice Cream Company
Facebook: Azucar Ice Cream Company
Twitter: @AzucarIceCream
1503 SW 8th Street Miami, FL (Little Havana) 33135

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    why are there no pics of the cool ass neon signs?

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    They have neon signs?