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Giraffas – North Miami, Florida – CLOSED

Do you know what’s really good? The Filet Mignon Burger at Giraffas in North Miami.

Giraffas is a restaurant chain from Brazil that is known for its steaks and burgers. The thought of ordering a steak crossed my mind but the Filet Mignon sounded much more appealing to me.

Filet Mignon on Buns

So…..maybe the Filet Mignon Sandwich at Giraffas isn’t really a burger but it’s served up just like one. It’s as tender a piece of beef as you’ve ever had served except on a beautiful burger roll with cheese. I loved it and they’ve also got a ground patty made from Picanha (Brazilian term for the Top Sirloin Cap) if you’d like to go the more traditional burger route. Both were great but the Filet Mignon was a little heavier on your wallet so that’s something else to consider. If money is no object, I’d suggest the Mignon.

Check them out:

Giraffas is CLOSED
1821 Northeast 123rd Street North Miami, FL

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