Amstel Light #SoBeWFF Burger Bash 2012 Recap & Results

The Amstel Light Burger Bash, the annual Burger Event put on by the folks at South Beach Wine & Food Festival is always one of the first events to sell out. The price for the regular ticket is $225 and includes all you can binge on of Beer, Wine, Soda and Burgers (an extra $100 will get you in 45 minutes earlier before the mob comes in). This event had been sold out for months and not only features some of the best burgers nationwide but also a wide array of food celebrities.

A Beautiful Site at Burger Bash 2012

Every year I wonder what could they do to take this to another level and this time they bumped up the burger total to 32 plus a few desserts. There isn’t enough time to hit up all 32 burgers which is where research prior to the event comes into play here. The menu is below, check it out and decide what you would’ve done:

click on Menu to enlarge

If you’re someone who is heavily into burgers in South Florida you’d probably skip those so you can hit up the out of towners. I had my eyes set on B-Spot (winner of Burger Bash 2010 & 2011), Allen Brother’s Primehouse, Husk, Amstel Light Fatty ‘Cue, Hot Chocolate and Shake Shack. Yes I know, Shake Shack is located in South Beach but I’d heard about how great their Smokeshack was and I needed to try it.

All of my “picks” were great so I made some wise choices this time. Abe & Arthur’s, Burger & Barrel & The Little Owl was also great. The only burger I didn’t care for was Rachael Ray’s which is kinda funny since she’s the host of Burger Bash.

The night ended with the announcement of the winners for Best Dressed Burger: Guy Fieri, Judge’s Favorite: Whisk and now 3 Time People’s Choice Winner: B-Spot by Michael Symon. What can I tell you, celebrity sells and it doesn’t hurt that the burger is good too.

So here’s what you’ve been waiting for…the goods…

Burger Bash Entrance

Abe & Arthurs

Allen Brothers: Primehouse

Allen Brothers’ Cow on Dancefloor

Big Gay Ice Cream

B Spot

Burger & Barrel

Burger Bash Crowd

Flip Burger Boutique

Hot Chocolate


The Little Owl

Dude From The Meatball Shop

The Meatball Shop



Ortanique on the Mile

PJ Clarke’s

Rachael Ray

Hot Chocolate Shake from Serendipity

Shake Shack After A Taste Test

Sugarcane RawBar


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  1. Mike

    May 31, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    Just curious as to if all these establishments where located in the south, being from Boston I’m trying to find out where the best burger is here, I would also assume people from different areas would like to do the same Thing. So if you could disclose the general location (city/state)of each establishment that would be beyond awesome.