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Leave the Best Caption and Win 2 VIP Tix to The Grind: Miami’s Burger Battle

El Rey de las Fritas

The Grind: Miami’s Burger Battle is just 2 weeks away and I’ve gotten my hands on a couple of VIP tickets to the event. These bad boys are valued at $250 (combined) and will let you get into the action a full 60 minutes (that’s right a full hour, una hora) ahead of the hungry hordes.

To win, you just need to come up with the wittiest caption for the picture below. Leave your “Caption” in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Only 1 entry per person so make it good.

The director of The Grind and I will choose the winner this Monday March 19th at 7PM so get in your comment before 5PM. Also, as an added incentive to the winner only… if you can tell me correctly if the child is male or female you’ll win a Burger Beast Retro Shirt.

Well……get to it and Good Luck!

Congratulations to Yahaira Cespedes who was chosen as the winner with her caption:

The ‘do says party in the front, sides AND back…so, where’s the party?

Don’t miss out:

The Grind: Miami’s Burger Battle
Date: Saturday March 31st
Time: 6PM (VIP)or 7PM – 10PM
Price: $75 General Admission or $125 VIP
Location: 50 NW 14 Street Miami, FL 33136


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  • “i guess my parents weren’t expecting a boy…”

  • alan posner

    “prior to his sexual reasignment, Sef was known as Serafina…Princess of the Slider”

    • While funny, for the record, it’s not me.

      • caruchi


    • ha, disqualified!

  • Kenny

    It’s Cam from Modern Family when he was a baby!

  • Lissette Pinelo

    Oh look! It’s Ace Ventura as a baby!
    “You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?”

    I’m guessing it’s a little dude. (boy)

  • Always the outsider, Tony was left with a brush for a best friend and in the 80’s rose to fame with A Flock of Seagulls. Sadly, his hair began receding, the fans left, and Tony buried his sorrows in Burgers.

  • Anahy

    ” Celebrating my baptism with a yummi Frita from Cuban Guys “

    • Anahy

      & it’s a boy 🙂

  • “ok, now that we’re done with this… Can someone chage my diaper bc I made a stinky.. “

  • Felix Jacomino

    When the squeaky toys and jingling keys didn’t work, the camera man pulled out a juicy bacon cheese burger and got this cutie to look up and smile!

  • natasha

    You’re gonna eat that in front of me,huh? Wait til I get some teeth. BTW either its a girl or his parents were conflicted.

  • elizabeth

    what do you mean your ou of bacon?NOOOOOO!

  • Rafa

    “Sef…You’re Fired!”

  • Cheese and Bacon please

  • In for the burgers!

    That lil boy is sporting an awesome faux hawk and mullet.

  • Mannie Montenegro

    “i just pooped”

    It’s a Boy

  • Ezekiel

    Dr. Suess saw this MALE baby, then wrote a story called “Horton Hears a Who!”.

  • Cellie

    Must…smile…yummy…burger!!! Can I have it now??? How about now??? PLEASEEEEE!!!!

  • Tony Prieto

    While this may have been the face of a precious child, sadly he grew to become a Killer Klown from Outer Space.

  • “Hehe, look at that photographers stupid haircut…”

    It’s a boy

  • miryam

    boy from the 1940’s but super cute
    tengo hambre mama dame mas hamburger hahahahaha

  • Rene

    “I’m sorry..I meant to leave you some”

  • BrgrLvr

    Ground beef: $2.00
    Slice of cheese: $0.50
    Bacon: $1.00
    Bun: $1.00
    Unparalleled joy of consuming a good burger: Priceless

    [Note: prices and ingredients can be modified; idea is priceless.]

    • BrgrLvr

      Well. maybe “valued at $250”

  • Nathalie Gallo

    And the baby Grinch down in Whoville, who liked burgers a lot…
    stole the beef from the icebox and never got caught!

    (the Grinch is a dude, so let’s not be rude…
    this is a girl, just look at the curls)

    • Jenny

      By far….my favorite!!!!!

  • Meshuggahman

    …a little known fact is that all Oompah Loompahs are born in black and white. It is not until puberty that they shrink, turn orange and develop green hair… (see )

  • Bob

    From his fabulous blowout to his sleeveless designer T young Guido knew he would rule the Jersey Shore…

  • Peter

    “I can has cheezburger?”

  • Jean-Pierre

    Uh, ketchup on your burger?

  • Diego Naranjo

    “But Linus, I haven’t even finished eating all my Halloween candy” – Sally Brown

  • Henry Gomez

    Successfully proved what happens in cartoons when bonked on head is perfectly realistic.

  • Toeknee8282

    Its the real life big boy

  • Whatta ya mean ur outta Stoner Sliderz?.?

  • Gerald Klapper

    “Mom I said flip the burgers……Not MY HAIR !!”

  • Stephanie

    Uhhh MoM……… I think I just dropped a BEAST in my underpants.

    Looks to me like a boy 🙂

  • brandi george

    “Yes, as a young baby girl, I was the inspiration for Donald Trumps hair. He still to this day will not give me credit for the style! So now I must reveal the truth, at least my hair is real and not a hairpiece Donald! You’re Fired!”

  • Why would you style my hair like an oompa loompa?!?!

  • Jonathan Lyons

    So happy to have the ultimate flow going in time for ‘the grind’

  • Karen Vitella

    “This is torture watching this guy eat! I can’t wait to get my hands around that big juicy burger!”

    Hungry boy

  • “Mom what does cross eyed mean”

    Its a girl !

  • Michael Mariano

    They knew one day he would be famous and so it goes, Chumlee (AKA Austin Russell) would go on to eat many, many burgers and one day work at a place called Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas where he would become a fan favorite on TV’s number 2 reality show – Pawn Stars.

  • lisa

    I Love Me Some Cheezeburgers!!

  • UncleVic

    As the boy says, “MOM, I wanted a hamburger, not McDonalds”…

  • Alexandra Diaz

    So, where is this “el pollito asadito” you keep promising me?

  • Kristie Anna

    “That wasn’t a cheeseburger I just ate, was it?”

  • Alex

    Breaking News: First picture of Snooki’s baby.

  • alex canas

    Mommie, mommie, wheres the beef?

  • Lynne Kozerski

    “Never had a Burger Beast burger I didn’t like….yummie!”

  • Jimmy

    “Donald Trumps haircut has always been the same”

  • Ummm wow that burger does look yumatumliscious … but … um *whisper* I just let slide the wrong kinda “slider” can you maybe take care of that before we chow down? Thanks Dad ….

  • LJ Requejo

    Thanks for the hairstyle Ace! I’ll get you, and your little Dolphins too! The baby is Jeff Ireland! (boy)

  • cary g

    My mon wanted me to be the President of HAIR FOR MEN club. That is why everyday she would comb my hair with VIOLETA RUSA. It does work wonders!!!!

  • Arlene L.


    (Also, it’s a boy!)

  • Nick

    “The secret to this little man’s hairdo is burger grease fresh off the grill.”

    (guessing boy)

  • “The ‘do says party in the front, sides AND back…so, where’s the party?”

  • Ricky Ramos

    Have your fun now, Mom & Dad. In about 50 years, I’ll be dressing YOU like this and taking pictures!

  • beth

    whats a turkey burger doing here

  • Jennifer

    Before I rocked the mullet in the 80s, I rocked the flip & the Elvis!

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