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You Know What's Really Good

You know what’s really good? Tamale at Taqueria El Mexicano in Little Havana

El Rey de las Fritas

You know what’s really good? The tamale at Taqueria El Mexicano in Little Havana. I love tamales but seem to have trouble finding exceptional ones. I waltzed into Taqueria El Mexicano looking to enjoy a Cochinita Pibil Taco and left a giant fan of their tamale. It had a moist Pork filling and deliciously light and not overbearing red sauce. The tamale is served in a corn husk and it’s up to you to unwrap this beauty and enjoy.

2 Please!

Get your Husk on:

Taqueria El Mexicano
521 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33130

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