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HiWay Burger - Delray Beach, Florida

In-N-Out’s expansion is slow moving and has therefore cause many copycats and imitators. If you’re familiar with In-N-Out’s color scheme and menu then everything at HiWay Burger in Delray Beach should seem very familiar to you but can they duplicate the taste?

Fresh Cut Fries
Fresh Cut Fries

The Fries are fresh cut and fried to order. They came out nice & crispy and were good. You can add Cheese which I did not but you might want to.

Double w/Grilled Onions
Double w/Grilled Onions
Double Cheeseburger
Double HiCheeseburger

The Double HiCheeseburger (you can also order just Single or Triple) is served on a toasted Potato Roll (always nice). The Burger itself has some taste flashes of In-N-Out as well as Shake Shack. The HiWay Spread is there but really just peaks its head out, it was not very pronounced. The Grilled Onions were cut a little too thick for my liking.

Tray of Goodies
Tray of Goodies

Is it as good In-N-Out? Nope. But it is a solid high grade fast food Burger that would make a nice addition to anyone’s neighborhood.

Their Way or the:

HiWay Burger
Facebook: HiWay Burger
12 SE 5Th Ave Delray Beach, FL 33483

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  • Audrey

    I have found dining at hi way burger a refreshing experience. I love the simple menu and the red and white decor. The staff is friendly and last but not least the burgers taste great with a tangy flavor. The potato rolls are great and the shoestring fries are freshly peeled, not frozen!

  • kelly

    fantastic burgers and fries best I have had on the east coast

  • Gina Biggs

    My family and I came to your restaurant to compare you to In N Out in southern California and we were not disappointed! We thought we had to go all the way back to Cali, Vegas or Arizona but now we don’t have to go there, yummy. Your staff was very nice and friendly too :o) So glad you are close to our home and we will be back!

  • Steven

    I’m a California native transplanted in Boca Raton, and the second I heard about this place I was stoked. So I tried it out ASAP. All in all? Very good; typical not-so-fast-because-its-fresh service time, fresh ingredients, red, white and yellow decor. The employees even wear little hats.

    I ordered their version of a double-double animal, fries and a shake, and was quite pleased with the result. The bun differs, a little too “spongy,” but the rest of the burger is a greasy, cheesy, dripping with special-sauce and grilled onions mess, and a delicious one at that. The shakes lack the quality ingredients, and the fries lacked the slight styrofoam texture — maybe something in the oil. Most importantly, and I’ll never wrap my head around this one, but it lacked that signature in-n-out taste. I dunno, there’s something about them that is undefinable, but it’s there. But this isn’t in-n-out.

    They’re currently under construction and have yet to have their official “grand opening” ceremony, and the staff mentioned other locations opening up soon which is a good sign. My biggest issue is the price. The sign on the wall quips the owner’s wife won’t let him raise prices, but everything on the menu is nearly double that of in-n-out. Not that those that frequent Atlantic and Federal can’t afford it, but I paid $10.xx for my simple meal, while last time I was in California I paid about $12 or $13 for two double double meals with shakes.

    But really, it’s a brilliant business model. Open a restaurant that imitates in-n-out in every aspect, and is spectacular in its own right standalone, but they know there’s clientele all over that will gladly pay twice as much for a really good copy rather than hop on a plane out west. For the best fast food burger east of the colorado, this is it.

  • jamie colasacco

    the owner scott mcclure and the fabulous gm adam knobhead are doing such a super fantastic job at the highway burger that there are 45 stores planned to open sometime by the end of 2013

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