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Win a Pair of Tix to Riverwalk Trust’s Burger Battle III

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1st Person to answer all 5 questions correctly in the comments section will win a pair of tickets to Riverwalk Trust’s Burger Battle III.

  1. Who won Riverwalk Trust’s Burger Battle 1 & 2? Georgie’s Alibi
  2. Who sponsors the Burger Battle’s Slider Eating Contest? Krystal
  3. Sliders are Mini Burgers but are Mini Burgers Sliders? (Yes or No)
  4. What was STOP’s Burger entry from Burger Battle 2010 infused with? Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  5. Including this year, how many times has Burger Beast judged Riverwalk Trust’s Burger Battle? 3

Extra Credit – Get this one correct and you’ll also win a Burger Beast T-Shirt:

Which 2 states do Krystal and White Castle overlap in? Kentucky & Tennessee

Congratulations to Monica Brqro on getting all 5 including the Extra Credit correct!


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  • monica brqro

    1. Georgie’s Alibi
    2. Krystal
    3. no
    4. semi sweet chocolate chips
    5. 3

    Tennessee and kentucky

  • Maurico Ponce

    1. George’s Alibu
    2. Krystal
    3. no
    4. Chocolate CHips
    5. 3

    Extra credit Kentucky and TN

  • Hector Miranda

    1. George’s Alibi
    2. Krystal Burger
    3. no
    4. 3
    5. chocolate chips

  • Lisa s

    Way to go Monica!! It’s all in the details!!! Semi sweet!!

  • 1. (1) Georgie’s Alibi and Capital Grille (2) Georgie’s Alibi

    2. The Krystal Company!

    3. NO!!! A “Slider” is NOT just a littler burger!!!

    4. Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips!

    5. All 3!

    Extra Credit Kentucky & Tennessee!!!

  • RATS!!! Congratulations Monica brqro, that was hard!!!

  • Special note: I gave my chip to Georgie’s Alibi at the Smoke Infused Grind! That is one good burger!

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