Cuban in Jersey visits La Pola in West New York, New Jersey

Hi I’m Dave and I’m a Cuban in Jersey.

Just to give you a little background here, I grew up in West New York and spent 16 years in Miami. Not only did I grow up eating Cuban sandwiches, it was practically part of my basic food groups. La Pola makes my favorite Cuban sandwich of all time! I will admit this review may be biased because I grew up like a block away but I’m not pulling anyone’s chain here. If you are looking for a true classic order the “Cubano Especial”, knife sliced Roasted Pork and real Ham sliced thin, not processed people!

Cuban Sandwich

The bread they use is soft yet crispy on the outside thanks to the sandwich press. A little bit of Mojo, which is what makes this sandwich the most succulent Cuban you’ve ever had. I know what you are saying, “Mojo?” It’s strange because in Miami they don’t use this as far as I know, but don’t fight it. It’s really not the same sandwich without it. Order “El Especial de la Casa” if you want a Galician twist. They add Spanish Hams and Salami to this local original sandwich.

Other traditional Cuban/Spanish dishes I really love here are “el Caldo Gallego” and the “Tamal en Casuela”. Caldo Gallego is a traditional Cuban soup with origins in northwest Spain. This is one of my favorite soups and they are the authority on authenticity for this dish. Ham, White Kidney Beans and Chorizo make this a soup a meal in itself or a great side (cup size) to any sandwich. The staff is quick, professional and courteous. The prices are great. You can pay $10-$12 for a sandwich in the city and not even get half the quality and taste you are getting here for about half that price!

Eat Cuban in Jersey:

La Pola Restaurant
5400 Palisade Ave West New York, NJ 07093