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Are you a closet Fast Food Fan?

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from the Mcdonald's Cheddar Bacon Angus Burger Media Party

I grew up with fast food. I remember watching the McDonaldland and Burger King’s Kingdom competing commercials. Who can forget the Clara Peller “Where’s the beef?” commercials and marketing extravaganza for Wendy’s? What about the California Raisins and Hardee’s?

But I’ve found that most folks go around pretending that they wouldn’t dare eat at a  fast food joint. It’s almost like admitting that you liked Debbie Gibson in the ’80s, no one will. The real truth is they crave it and love it. Now whether they regret it the next day is another thing. And for the record Subway is fast food, so don’t even try and sell me on their pre-packaged cold cuts. I’m not a fan.

Over the last month I’ve had this same conversation with Restaurant Owners, Food Truck Owners, Chefs, Bloggers….you name it! Almost all of them requested that I do not mention their names and restaurants so I withheld everyone’s name but below you can read a few quotes:

I can’t get enough of McDonald’s fries.

Whoppers and Chicken McNuggets are my weakness.

Big Macs…..I still put those down!

I go to Taco Bell twice a week but please do not put my name on there.

I’m addicted to the Taco Bell Doritos Taco. Anyone who say they hate it are lying!

Taco Bell seemed to be the dominant closeted Fast Food Chain addiction with McDonald’s French Fries and a tie for third between Big Macs & Whoppers. Me? I’m always interested to try out the newest Fast Food creations and like most things they are hit and miss. It does seem that those Fast Food dipping sauces are always great. Every once in a while I crave a Double Cheeseburger from Burger King or Cheeseburgers & Fries from McDonald’s.

The question is, what are you? Are you a closeted Fast Food Fan too? Ask your friends, you’ll be surprised at their responses!

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