Win a Spot on the Burger Beast Food Tour 2012

We’re considering doing a monthly Burger Beast Food Tour (much like the Burger Beast Tour 2010)  but as a precursor to that we’re going to hold a “Contest” where 5 Burger Beast Readers (who may also bring a +1) will win a spot on the Burger Beast Food Tour 2012. The Tour will be on a Sunday and you must available for 12 consecutive hours (no excuses),  it will be a marathon. I won’t reveal anymore details til after the contest is over.

The Rules:

1) There will only be 5 Winners.

2) Contest submissions will be accepted through Friday June 15th.

3) If more than 5 folks submit the completed tasks, the reader’s pictures with the most flair and pizazz will win. Winner chosen by a panel of my douchebag friends.

The Contest:

Send in 5 pictures (specifications below) featuring YOU via email to

Picture 1: A picture of YOU standing in a Fast Food Drive Thru Window trying to place an order.

Picture 2: A picture of YOU in front of a Burger Beast Approved Sticker from any BB Approved Restaurant: The List.

Picture 3: A picture of YOU shaking hands with the butcher at your local supermarket. It must be obvious that it is a butcher you are with at a market.

Picture 4: A picture of YOU with one of the Burgies Awards from any of the last 3 years. You must have to do a little research to find out who the winners are. There are Restaurants and Food Trucks who proudly display their awards.

This is what they look like:

Ms. Cheezious with last year's Best food Truck Burgie Award
Quickie's with their 2010 Best Specialty Burger Burgie Award
Frankie from Andiamo with his 2009 Best Pizza Burgie Award

Picture 5: A picture of YOU in front of a Burger Beast Approved Sticker from any of the BB Approved Food Trucks. I’ve got no list for you to make it easy, go out and find them.

EC: Anyone that has a picture of me and them together gets Extra Credit. You have 2 weeks to track me down.

And don’t get lazy on me. This is a contest you will really regret losing especially if you love good food.

Congratulations to Leslie on being the first Burger Beast reader to get in her pictures, it guarantees her a spot on the tour! Where are your pictures?

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