Waiting for a Sign? Killer Pasta has got a Big One!

The next time you’re at a food truck event don’t decide which trucks to approach based on their bright wraps or shiny graphics. Look for the truck with their whole menu posted on top of the roof! Once you find it you’ll know you’ve found some Killer Pasta!

I know, I know, your eye caught the Caramelized Pear Ravioli – right? If it did, good and if it didn’t you really should read the description again. This dish was balanced with just enough sweet and savory to make you wish Killer Pasta gave you more of their killer bread to dip their sauce in! Fine, if you need more convincing, just remember this dish has Pancetta (aka Italian bacon)!

Caramelized Pear Ravioli

Next up I opted for a classic dish of Penne a la Vodka. This heavy plate can fill the belly of the heartiest of pasta eaters. If you brought a friend I suggest splitting this dish and trying some other tasty items. After all, how often do you see an Italian food truck? My only beef with this dish was I wanted more sauce! It was a good sauce!

Penne a la Vodka

Don’t disregard that lemonade in the background folks. I was skeptical when the person who took my order said it was freshly squeezed but once my lips touched the tart and sweet beverage I knew his claims were legit! Kudos to trucks like these who take the time to make a fresh signature drink.

Also, if you’re not into canned or bottled soda, Killer Pasta has fountain! Come for the pasta, stay for the soda.

Kill that Pasta:

Killer Pasta
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