Go! Bento in Hollywood, Florida

Have you seen the Go! Moto truck at the Arts Park event I love so very much? I have! I recently gave them a try and pretty much discounted them as meh. But coming to their wooden benched, loud hip hop playing (the good kind — you know, from the 90’s) homemade food preparing restaurant, my faith in these guys has been restored.

The thing to get at Go! Bento is obvious, get a Bento Box!

No, I wasn’t calling you a name. A Bento is traditionally a Japanese meal of rice, meat and vegetables served in a box. This is similar to what we picture a TV dinner to look like. At Go! Bento they have these puppies in various sizes. Choose your main dish, maybe a Sushi Roll and a side and sit down on one of their benches, jam to their music and go to town on your Bento.

Go! Bento Bento box options

For like $12 – $15 bucks these guys can make you a decent meal! The other side of this menu reveals their Sushi and more traditional-looking menu items.

I went for the “Zilla” option which includes an entree and Sushi Roll. Then I tacked on the Rangoon.

Go! Bento Drunken Noodles

The Drunken Noodles were delicious! Perfectly cooked Egg Noodles, great amount of flavor and spice and there are a lot of tasty Shrimp in there!

Go! Bento Crab Rangoon

These Rangoon are not like your traditional Crab Rangoon, inside they hold a small but impressive flavor surprise – curry! I don’t know about you, but I have never had Rangoon with curry and I have had my fair share, I love these things!

Go! Bento Spicy Tuna Roll

Even though instinct told me to steer clear of Sushi, I had to try their Spicy Tuna Roll because it is one of my favorites and usually a good indicator for the rest of the sushi menu. While this roll is more “Americanized” and rice heavy than I usually enjoy it was really tasty and fresh!

Go! Bento Go Ninja Combo Plate

Oh yea, there’s more! This Ninja Bento (one entree and two sides) features Chicken Pad Thai, Wakame Salad and Egg Roll. The Pad Thai was not the best I’ve ever had but it was tasty. The star of this plate was the Egg Roll,weird I know. But have you ever had an Egg Roll that wasn’t frozen?! One that wasn’t full of tiny Salad Shrimp and the taste of frozen MSG? This Egg Roll actually tasted like fresh cabbage stuffed into a wrapper and fried just before I ordered it!

Go! Bento also has a food truck on the scene but sadly none of these tasty staples are featured on that menu and I don’t understand why? Go! Moto is the mobile version of Go! Bento, find my post about them here. I wish some of the menu items I enjoyed here were on that menu – a girl can dream.

Definitely check Go Bento out if you’re in the Hollywood area!


Go! Bento
Facebook: GO! Bento
2725 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Florida 33020