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I was recently checking out old posts on BurgerBeast.Com and realized how incredible some of the comments left on the pages were. I had a list of 10 that I whittled down to this Top 5. Enjoy them, I did.

5) Bliss Burger Bistro & Lounge in South Beach Grand Opening – Bliss Burger Bistro & Lounge which was a very short lived Burger Joint on the Beach was just about to open so I posted a copy of the menu I got from their Facebook Fanpage. One of the owners accused me of somehow getting an unauthorized copy of the menu and demanded that I remove it. I did and he also unfortunately also removed his threat but the responses remain.

4) Abdullah The Butcher House Of Ribs & Chinese Food – Atlanta, Georgia – If you’re not an old school wrestling fan then you won’t know who Abdullah the Butcher is but those who do know who he is for some reason think they can leave comments for him on this page.

3) Bijans Burger Joint – Coral Gables, Florida – A place that served room temperature food caused positive Anonymous comments to show up and an attempt by one of the cooks to issue an apology that ends with a sales pitch for their drink specials.

2) Que Perro! – Miami, Florida – The guys knows the old owners, the new owners, is friends with the manager and once managed the restaurant. He also name drops “McDonnell’s”, Restaurant Depot & “cosco”. This is a MUST READ!


1) Hamburlooca – Managua, Nicaragua – First time an owner took exception to my comments in a very detailed reply as to why my mathematics were off when figuring out travel time.

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