BurgerFi – Aventura, Florida

As I normally do when I’m gonna check out a restaurant, I like to go in the afternoon right after the lunch rush. This particular morning my breakfast consisted of a cup of coffee and some plain white toast which meant I was ready to go once I arrived at the new BurgerFi in Aventura. And by go I mean eat not leave.

I stood and took in the menu just in case I had overlooked some new item on it online. Of course, I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger which includes 2 patties, 2 slices of American Cheese, & a slathering of their Secret Sauce (which the first time I had it, I didn’t care for). I opted to go lettuce and tomato-less as usual. There are also some “Free” toppings like Grilled Onions or Jalapeño Peppers and “Premium Toppings” like a Sunny Side Up Egg will set you back a $1. Those are all fine and dandy but this burger is just so good alone that you’d be doing some major van damage by doing that. I can also confess that I’ve never ordered any of the toppings, be it Free or Premium so what the hell do I necessarily know. Well…I have had Bacon. You gotta do what’s right for you but for me, Cheese & the Secret Sauce are it.

Classic Cheeseburger

Classic Cheeseburger

It clearly states that Cry & Fries is for 2. If you’re a fan of both Onion Rings & Fresh Cut Fries then I say, don’t share. The Onion Rings are gigantic and seasoned and irresistible. The Fries are so awesome I almost cried when I ran out of them. Almost…

Cry & Fries

Cry & Fries

After mourning over my fries I moved onto their Wagyu Chili Dog. Yes, the regular dog is good but pay a little more a get the way better-tasting dog. So ask me, I know you’re dying to. Why would I then add Chili & Cheese to this spectacular wiener? Cause I could.

Wagyu Texas Chili Cheese Dog

Wagyu Texas Chili Cheese Dog

I did not order the Parmesan and Herb Fries with Garlic Aioli smothered on top off the Secret Menu but my friend did. He also ordered the VegeFi Burger served in Lettuce but this post is not the place for such blasphemy. The Fries looked great and there are a few other items on their “Secret Menu” you may want to know about and try. I’m not sure that it’s too secret but hey, to each their own.

Secret Menu - Urban Fries

Secret Menu – Urban Fries

Now that BurgerFi is finally in Miami Dade County we need to find a way to convince them to open a little bit farther South like near my house.

::: They are now also open in Coral Gables :::

Get BurgerFi’d:

Address: 18139 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33160
Phone: 305-466-0350

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  1. AaronMerullo

    September 3, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    We have eaten at the Burger Fi in Delray about 10 times, I think it is the best burger in the area. Next time try the BAD (breakfast all day) burger. It has one of those Mc Donald’s style hash brown patties on it…