Health Nut on Wheels Food Truck – CLOSED

Ever wanted to know what healthy food truck options look like at an event? Well, here’s your inside view! The Health Nut on Wheels looks like a cross between a Live Strong ad and a recruitment poster for Cross Fit.

I made my way through calf-high grass at the Wynwood lot dedicated to the roundup thrown by Sakaya Kitchen’s Richard Hales. This event has had a lot of controversy surrounding it, but month after month the trucks come and the people come hungry.

I arrived at the Healthnut on Wheels truck and was greeted by not one, but two lines and a 6ft high chalkboard where their menu was written.

To start, there are a few problems with using chalkboards for menus, 1 being the fact that they are easily smudged making them hard to read. The other problem with this particular menu is the way it was set up. It read in a pick one of option 1 and one from option 2 way but it had other options thrown in between. I ended up going to the window and asking questions anyway.

Health Nut on Wheels Menu

Once my menu questions were cleared up I decided on Siders, Sweet Potato Fries and a Turkey Burger “Paleo Style”. The Sliders were served open faced with Brie Cheese (my choice), topped with Tomato, Avocado, Sprouts, and Romaine. The meat was pretty tasty although cooked unevenly; one was nice and pink in the middle and the other two were well done.

Health Nut on Wheels Sliders

What’s a Burger meal without Fries on the side? The “Healthier” option here is Sweet Potato Fries. They were well cooked and nicely salted. The more you ate these, the more you wanted to eat.

Health Nut Sweet Potato Fries

Finally up on the dinner menu was a Turkey Burger atop a bed of Sautéed Veggies with a sort of Chunky Salad (Tomato and Avocado).

Health Nut on Wheels Turkey Burger “Paleo Style”

Despite the fact that nothing I ordered had any sort of sauce on it, the flavors were good. I saw a table set up with Ketchup but that’s not really what I wanted. Why not some Vinaigrette or Spicy Mustard?

That’s really my only gripe with the Health Nut on Wheels. Their food is good, the portions are right and even though their prices are a little higher than the average truck I can see where the additional bucks go.

Bottom line is if you went to the gym some night but end up at a Food Truck Event hit up the Health Nut on Wheels and walk away knowing it won’t show in your clothes the next day.

Get Nutty:

Health Nut on Wheels is CLOSED

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  1. greg2

    September 27, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    Looks delicious, sounds interesting but the prices on the boards seem high!