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Chef Jeremiah and his gastroPod were the first to burst onto the Street Food scene here in South Florida and while he’s also working on other projects you can still find gastroPod out and about still doing their thing. His new project picklePeoples is about getting his Pickled Products made with great ingredients to everyone. edible South Florida recently interviewed him about it: Putting Out Pickle Propaganda.

I’m really loving what he’s doing with all the branding, going very retro and that little Chef Jeremiah is slightly creepy. So creepy they need to make a doll out of him.

Check out the video about picklePeoples:

You ever say, you’d like to get involved with something local and help them out? Well Chef Jeremiah has got a Kickstarter going on  to raise funds for this project. Here’s your chance to help out someone with a really cool and unique vision. Like any other Kickstarter, depending on the amount of money you pledge to the idea you receive a reward.

To become a picklePeoples supporter visit the picklePeoples Kickstarter Page.

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Facebook: Pickle Peoples
Twitter: @picklePeoples

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