Chow Down Grill – Miami Beach, Florida – CLOSED

I woke up very hungry this morning. Chow Down Grill popped into my head even though I’m well aware it’s been replaced. I checked out Frodnesor’s Food for Thought to reread what he had said about them (click to read) in the hopes it would appease me, it didn’t.

Unfortunately by the time I ate at Chow Down Grill they were in the middle of the conversion to MB Brewhouse. All I have are these pictures to show from those 2 meals, so for now these food memories will have to do:

Chicken Wontons
Basil Chicken Dumplings
Beef Porcini Mushroom Dumplings
Duck Bao
Organic Wings
Vegetable Lo Mein
Fried Rice
General Chow Chicken
Chow Burger
Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Yeah, that did not work. I’m definitely even hungrier now.

Gone But Not Forgotten:

Chowdown Grill
920 Alton Rd Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Visit Instead:

Miami Beach Brewhouse is CLOSED
Facebook: MB Brewhouse
Twitter: @MB_Brewhouse
920 Alton Rd Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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