Top 5 Best Sauces in Miami & South Florida

Top 5

These are the Top 5 Best Sauces in South Florida. More than likely you’ll either agree with me on a few, enlighten me about others I don’t know about or praise me for me telling you about them.

Start out 2013 right by seeking out these fellas. These are not in any particular order:


1. Queso Sauce from the Hamburguesa Taco at El Jefe Luchador: In short, this a Charm City Burger Company Burger in a Taco but what really makes it work is the “Queso Sauce”. Cheese does make the world go round you know.

Hamburguesa Taco
Hamburguesa Taco

2. Garlic Sauce from Doggi Style: Sometimes I use their Pink Sauce, sometimes I use their Chili Mayo Sauce but I always use the Garlic Sauce. Everytime!

Hot Dog w/Garlic & Chili Mayo Sauces
Hot Dog w/Garlic & Chili Mayo Sauces

3. Copperpot’s Sriracha: You guys can keep your Huy Fong Sriracha. I’ll stick to South Florida natives Copperpot’s and their highly addictive Sriracha. It’s slightly sweet with a little bite at the end, kinda like me.

Copperpots' Sriracha (not my pic but I wish it was)
Copperpots’ Sriracha (not my pic but I wish it was)

4. Yellow Mustard Mayo Sauce from Blue Collar: It’s served with the  Cuban Sandwich Spring Rolls but everyone knows there’s no Mayo on a Cuban Sandwich. So do the sensible thing, save the sauce and dip your fries in it. You can thank me later.

Cuban Spring Rolls with Mayo/Mustard Sauce
Cuban Sandwich Spring Rolls with Yellow Mustard Mayo Sauce

5. Creole Mustard from A&G Burger Joint: The Creole Mustard is served with pretty much every Burger at A&G and well it should. I didn’t want to share it with anyone and you really shouldn’t have to.

Creole Mustard
Creole Mustard

Burger Beast

Eat. Write. Read. Repeat.

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