Top 5 Miami Food Truck Burgers

Top 5

Probably the question I get asked the most is which is the Best Food Truck Burger. Really, how can I not be asked that question with there being over 100 Food Trucks in South Florida, half of which have multiple versions of the Burger.

The Burgers are not in any order and are just numbered to keep some order. Eat these 5 6 Burgers and become one of the enlightened.

This is not a starter list, this is “The List”:

1. BITE Gastrotruck: When Chef Ron Kerr told me he was taking the Burgers he created at Georgie’s Alibi and Bill’s Filling Station mobile I was left salivating. I’m convinced there must be crack in this Burger, no for real.

BITE Burger w/Cheese & Bacon Jam

BITE Burger w/Cheese & Bacon Jam

2. Cheeseburger Baby: Take a good look at the Bacon, it’s gotta be driving you as mad as it does me. Great Burger at their restaurant, Great Burger from their truck and Great Burger in my stomach.

Cheeseburger Baby Cheeseburger w/Extra Crispy Bacon

Cheeseburger Baby Cheeseburger w/Extra Crispy Bacon

3. Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers: If I could marry a Burger this might be the one. And if you’re lucky enough to catch Jefe’s when they’ve the Patty Melt on the menu, don’t resist. Give in and order, or you’ll regret it. Big time.

Jefe's Double Cheezer Miami Style

Jefe’s Double Cheezer Miami Style

4. The Rolling Stove: What a great crust this burger has on it. When you add the Cheese Spread (Yes, Cheese Spread), Grilled Onions, Ketchup and Mayonnaise it’s a masterpiece. I did really say Ketchup & Mayonnaise. What, you got a problem with that?

The Rolling Stove's "Stove Burger" w/Cheese Spread & Grilled Onions

The Rolling Stove’s “Stove Burger” w/Cheese Spread & Grilled Onions

5. gastroPod: The original South Florida Food Truck is still the gold standard when it comes to Burgers. Order it topped with an Egg and you’re set. It doesn’t get any better than this.

gastroPod's Mo' Better Burger

gastroPod’s Mo’ Better Burger

Extra Credit:

6. El Rey de las Fritas: A Frita had to make the list and no Food Truck Frita come close to the Original, El Rey de las Fritas. If you’re feeling adventurous order it “Doble a Caballo“.

El Rey de las Fritas' Frita Original

El Rey de las Fritas’ Frita Original

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  • Gyzelle Rodriguez

    What about King of Rack! Seriously delicious. We’re obsessed!

    • This list is almost two years old. Kings of Rack BBQ wasn’t even around back then.