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Cuban Guys Opening Up in Kendall & North Miami Beach

El Rey de las Fritas

Cuban Guys in Hialeah

The minute I took my first bite into the Frita in Cuban Guys I knew this place would be a hit. Over the course of the almost year since they opened, there have been a bunch of great additions to the menu too so it’s always good to ask what’s shakin’. As of late, my real obsession here is their Pan con Bistec, probably the best I’ve had. But onto the real news..

Cuban Guys will be opening 2 new shops with tentative April opening dates. The 1st location will be in Kendall at 10801 Sunset Dr. with the 2nd in North Miami Beach at 1678 NE Miami Garden Blvd (Shops at Skylake). Fritas are finally making their way North and that’s a great thing!



Both locations are now OPEN.

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  • Jacqueline Rodriguez

    Great place we had the two different bowls the vaca frita and the masita they were both great ! The cappuccino flan is the bomb!!! The frites are good but they need more chorizo flavor they don’t compare to el Rey the las fritas

  • Cleo Lenora Wolf

    What planet are you talking about? I just went today to the one that you say is now open at 10801 Sunset Dr.(in Kendall), and it doesn’t exist!! We searched everywhere!! I had a “Frita Fit”!!!! What’s up with that??? 🙁

    • Sounds like you need a new navigation system. It’s there in Kendall at 10801 Sunset Dr on Planet Earth 🙂

    • Sounds like you need a new navigation system. It’s there in Kendall at 10801 Sunset Dr on Planet Earth 🙂

      • Cleo Lenora Wolf

        Ok, I finally found it! I must admit that it’s kind of hidden, but if you look real good, you can find it. It’s not easy to slow down & look for it because of the traffic on Sunset Dr. hee hee. I don’t use any Navigation system, just my 2 eyes & common sense! I’m glad it’s on Planet Earth, smarty pants!! 🙂 Being a Comedienne, I’m always joking around!! hee hee, I did like it!! yay!! 🙂 Hugs****

        • I’m glad you found it and enjoyed it, even happier that you have a good sense of humor (so do I).

  • Cleo Lenora Wolf

    The Frita was pretty good, and I love that they don’t use those nasty Canned fries! The Cuban Bowl was my favorite!!! Que rico, papito!! hee hee. 🙂 mmmmm

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