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If you are easily overwhelmed by too many options at a food truck roundup, the event at Seminole Casino Hollywood might just be for you. There were 10 trucks, all serving different food and I decided on the one with the longest line.

Food Junkies not only had the longest line when I arrived at the event, they had the longest line the whole time I was there. It has to be said, I was there a long time because the food took about 30 minutes or so to come out of the window. They disclose this with a blurb on their menu, they state that their food is made fresh and ask for the patience of their customers. Boy, were we patient.

Hungry Customers Patiently Waiting
Hungry Customers Patiently Waiting

Reading the menu you get the idea that the food is a combination of Island and Comfort – two of my favs! They carry some Conch, Shrimp and Fish dishes as well as dishes like Chicken and Waffles. They also have some freshly baked goods and a super secret punch that I believe is made after a delicious Caribbean drink recipe, but you didn’t hear that from me!

I finally got to the front of the window, ordered and waited what seemed like an eternity for the following delicious menu items.

Fried Chicken and Red Velvet Waffles
Fried Chicken and Red Velvet Waffles

I have to say, I’m not one for this kind of dish but the Food Junkies did it right. The Waffle was the perfect “Plate” to catch the Chicken and Maple Flavor. The Wings on this dish were amazing. As I sit here and write about them, I detect some drool collecting. They were cooked perfectly!

Next up I took a few bites of their enormous side of Seafood Slaw! Seriously, for 10 dollars I could have had this side dish as my meal and called it a night! The Coleslaw was fresh and tasted homemade and the Seafood in it was delicious! Definitely worth the $10!

Food Junkies Side of Seafood Slaw
Food Junkies Side of Seafood Slaw

Next up (I know, I can’t believe I ate so much) was the Conch Balls. We all know these as Conch Fritters and they are rarely anything to write home about. The main difference in the Conch Balls from the Food Junkies is that there is actually large chunk of delicious Conch in them!

Conch Balls
Conch Balls
Inside of the Conch Ball
Inside of the Conch Ball

Whew! I was waddling away from the Food Truck after this meal! Luckily I had their Super Secret Punch to wash it all down with. It’s so sweet. It’s almost as if you’re having dessert.

Everything off this truck was worth the wait, the staff were so appreciative of our patience. It made it all the more enjoyable of an experience.

If you can find this truck behind it’s epic line of food fans, do yourself a favor and give them a try!

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