Brewja Bites: South Florida Beer Week

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So, it’s South Florida Beer Week. What does that mean to you? It means you are already late to the game if you haven’t attended any of the events that kicked off on Saturday, January 19th!

It also means you have a pretty amazing opportunity to pair some great local eats with some Florida brews! You will have the chance to try beers that may not be readily available in South Florida year round. And most importantly, it means that you need to get your ass, you know that lump three feet below your head, to one of these fine local establishments and sample some brew!!!

Below is a calendar listing some of the unique events and pairings coming up this week, but most importantly, highlighting the beer that will be featured. If I could be everywhere at once, I would be, alas I am but one Brewja and so I have to be a bit selective about where I will be heading. Here are a few words of advice, plan your week out to ensure you have the flexibility to check out restaurants offering pairings, whether with cheese and charcuterie or with full course meals. Food pairing is a really fun part about learning what kind of beers you may like and certainly not an experience to be missed.

After filling your bellies with some of the best munchies South Florida has to offer, you are ready to check out some fine watering holes. Places not to be missed: The Funky Buddha, Tap 42, Gramps, Abraxas and Lokal.

One thing I want to point out is that any of the places listed on the South Florida Beer Week website will undoubtedly help you get your fill on local beer. So, if you can’t make it to any of the spots I suggested, please check the site and see when and where you can work something in. Eat local. Drink local. It’s really pretty simple.

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Until next time, I will be taking a bite out of the local beer scene!

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