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Saturdays at El Mago de las Fritas

El Mago de las Fritas - West Miami, Florida

One of the first things that cross my mind when I wake up Saturday mornings is that Ortelio aka El Mago de las Fritas is starting on his weekly masterpieces, Ajiaco and Chicharrones. Ajiaco is a stew filled with different vegetables and meats. Chicharrones (made from Pork Belly) are known as Pork Rinds but this is not the supermarket puffed up versions of them. Quantities on both of these guys is very limited so you need to get with the program (ponerse las pilas) and get here early enough that they’re not sold out of either.

What I like to do is arrive right around the 10:30AM mark when he’s putting the final touches on the 2 specialties. I sit at the counter and order a Tortilla Callejera for breakfast. The Tortilla Callejera is an El Mago-style Omelette Sandwich. Imagine an Omelette Sandwich with Julienne Potatoes, Onions, Ham (optional) and El Mago’s Secret Sauce mixed right in with the Egg before cooking. It’s then placed  on a toasted piece of Cuban Bread and topped with more crispy Potatoes. He might sneak in some Ketchup on some occasions and Cheese is also an option.

Pan con Tortilla Callejera (Street-style Omelette Sandwich)
Pan con Tortilla Callejera (Street-style Omelette Sandwich)

By the time I’m finishing my Callejera, the Chicharrones have been placed under their heat lamp throne. Life expectancy on these guys is usually a couple of hours which is why you must hurry.

Chicharrones are ready!
Chicharrones are ready!

I order a portion of Chicharrones to have while I’m waiting for the Fritas and Ajiaco I’m taking to go. I love these fellas but be very careful when eating them that you don’t crack a tooth. It’s never happened to me but these guys will give your teeth a workout.

And yes, they are as good as they look.

Chicharrones are a go!
Chicharrones are a go!

So…..should I save you a seat for next Saturday?

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