#SoBeWFF Is This Weekend, Watch Its Director on Burger Beast’s #TheGrinder Webshow

With the South Beach Wine & Food Festival this weekend I thought it might be a good time to repost the second episode of my webshow The Grinder. It featured the director of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Lee Schrager. It was a blast to film and worth the time to watch.

All guests do not know what exactly they are going be asked or be put through. But hey, those are the breaks if you’re gonna be on the Grinder.


About Lee Schrager:

Lee Schrager, the director of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and I bonded over our mutual love of Patty Melts while we were having the worst Potato Pancakes of our lives. The next time we met he insisted that I have a Quiche, which I did (and now love). But it’s his love of Fried Chicken that really fascinates me as you’ll find out on this episode of The Grinder.

Make sure to watch all the episodes of The Grinder .

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