Ever Wondered What The Frita Stands Of Cuba Looked Like?


My lifelong Frita obsession knows no bounds. I’m always constantly searching for new tidbits of info about the Frita by asking any folks with ties to 1950s and 1960s Cuba. The one thing I’ve never come across is a picture of an actual cart that sold Fritas back in the day, no one seems to have one. They’re as hard to get as a photo of the “Hot Dog Cart” that started Shake Shack. The best thing I’ve come across is this drawing by cartoonist Alfredo Pong. I’ve run it by El Mago and he says parts of it are correct. My experience with investigating the Frita phenomenon tells me it’s possible different versions of the “Cart” or “Puesto” as they were known could have existed. I mean, some of them served Julienne’d Malanga and Boniato (Sweet Potato) instead of the Potato we here in the U.S. are accustomed to. So if you run across any images of a Puesto de Frita, please remember your friend the Burger Beast is dying to see one.

Image courtesy of El Puesto De Frita De Mi Barrio by Alfredo Pong

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