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The Bilge Pump from Howie’s Top Dog in Davie, Florida

Bilge Pump

El Rey de las Fritas

Howie's Top Dog in Davie, Florida

Howie’s Top Dog is a Chicago style Hot Dog joint with a bunch of other things to eat like Burgers, Baked Potatoes and Gyros. Yes, it’s one of those Vienna Hot Dog places with all the Vienna products. I can handle that since I was here for a Hot Dog or was I?

Howie's Top Dog in Davie, Florida

Three of these things don’t belong here, well at least stand out. On the menu there’s a Diet Dog that is served “1/2 For Here & 1/2 To Go”, pretty funny. Also, maybe you want to get married…that’s right you can get married while sharing a Chili Dog. It’s only $36 but restrictions do apply. The Bilge Pump, which rounds out the 3 outsiders is sandwich that is a Burger, Italian Beef and Gyro served with sides of Tzatziki & Au jus and Nacho Cheese slathered all over it. The sandwich falls into the Luther Burger (Burger with Donuts as Buns) category for me. I won’t crave it, it didn’t blow my mind with intense flavor but it is something that needs to be experienced. So, are you ready to get Bilge Pumped?

Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump

Get Pumped:

Howie’s Top Dog
Facebook: Howie’s Top Dog
Twitter: @HowiesTopDog
5021 S SR 7 #209 Davie, Florida

Howie's Top Dog on Urbanspoon

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