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I live about 4 or 5 blocks from Sweet Dogs. Late last year I remember driving right by the sign and saying to myself, was this always here? It wasn’t opened yet and then all of a sudden a few days later I saw the hurricane shutters open but I had just eaten some Shake Shack. I set my mental lunch calendar for the following day to hit them up.

The Menu has about 9 or 10 pre-set Dogs you can order with 5 of them being named after the popular local sports teams (The Heat, The Dolphins, The Marlin, The Panther & The U). The only sport I’m into is the UFC (you thought I was gonna say eating didn’t you?) and yes, MMA is a sport. I had no preference based on the team name so I chose based on the ingredients. Sweet Dogs does not give you an option when it comes to dog size, they only serve the 1/4 pound Nathan all beef Hot Dog. You can get the dog Boiled, Grilled or Deep Fried but if you don’t tell them your preference you end up with a Grilled dog.

The Dolphins is probably the best dog on the menu followed by Mr. Chill at a close second. The Dolphins is Sweet Dog’s take on a Colombian style dog. They got it right. It’s not overly sweet which is what usually kills those types of dogs. It’s got Bacon, Mozzarella, Pineapple sauce and is topped with those canned potato sticks for some crunch. If there was only one thing I would change, it would be the sticks as I prefer crushed Potato Chips on these dogs. It was most excellent as Ted “Theodore” Logan might say.


The Dolphins

Mr. Chill is a Chili Dog. It’s also got diced Red Onions and shredded Cheddar Cheese (not melted). The Chili has chunks of ground Beef seasoned like your Hispanic grandmother might make (heavy handed on the Cumin) with some Black Beans too. I added some Mustard to it and it was good to go.

Mr Chill

Mr Chill

I’ve ordered the Beef Chili Cheese Fries every time I’ve been here but this is the first time they’ve used the Nacho Cheese sauce instead of the shredded Cheddar Cheese. It takes these Chili Cheese Fries up to Arbetter’s Chili Cheese Fries level (my favorite in South Florida).

Chili Cheese Fries

Beef Chili Cheese Fries

A new addition to the menu are their homemade Corn Dogs. They are made to order and each one looks different than the next. It’s very good but I’d suggest changing out the stick as it can’t handle the weight of the 1/4 Hot Dog. Other than that, dip in Mustard (I better not catch you putting Ketchup on this) and enjoy.

Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs

For every dog that you order, you get one of those little snack sized candy bars.You can spot them in the pics above if you’re really looking. If you need a more substantial dessert they’ve got a soft serve Ice Cream Machine which means Cones, Sundaes and Shakes.

Me? I’ll take another Mr. Chill.

How Do You Want Your Dog?:

Sweet Dogs
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4749 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33134

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