Butcher & the Burger In The Town Center Of Boca Raton, Florida Food Court

There is no doubt in my mind that you will not find a better Burger in a mall food court than Butcher & the Burger at the Town Center of Boca Raton. It’s also probably the most expensive meal you will ever have in a mall food court too. My Aged Prime Beef Blend Burger (w/Cheese and Benton Bacon) with Large Fries and a fountain drink set me back $18.97 (with tax). I’m not complaining by the way, just informing you. I’ve got no problem paying for something if its worth it and this is. It’s just a little different of an atmosphere than I would have thought Butcher and the Burger would have made their South Florida debut in.

There are options when it comes to choosing the protein for your buns: Aged Prime Beef, Local Grass-Fed Beef, Bison, Turkey, Chicken, Salmon, Vegan(Lentil & Brown Rice). After you’ve decided that, you need to choose what spice blend you want on your patty: Chicago Style Steak House, Grandma’s Onion Soup, Currry-Coconut, Fiery Ghost Pepper, Simple-Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Greek, Cajun, and Umami (Scallions, Ginger, Garlic & Sweet Soy). They use Kennebec Potatoes for their Fries which are available in Small or Large sizes, no Mediums here. Some Salads made the menu and a Soup of the Day. Shakes and Beignets make up their desserts.

Premium Benton Bacon Cheese Burger

Aged Prime Beef Benton Bacon Cheese Burger

I asked for the Chicago Style Steak House seasoning on my Aged Prime Beef Burger (great with a little heat on the end). The smokiness of the grill it was cooked on came through from the very first bite. I hadn’t mentioned how beautiful and fluffy the split top Burger bun was. I don’t even think I’ve ever said this but the amount of Benton’s Bacon on my Burger seemed a little excessive or maybe I’m used to everyone skimping out.

Bacon Closeup

Benton’s Bacon Closeup

Their fries made from Kennebec Potatoes were excellent. Vegan Fries are another option.

Kennebec Fries

Kennebec Fries

The atmosphere? Well, I was in a mall in Boca so it was great for people watching while I enjoyed my Burger & Fries. I hope the folks of Boca Raton embrace having such a high quality Burger joint in their mall. If they don’t, they can always open up in my hood.

P.S.: The table next to me was having the Beignets and they looked real good.


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