Cheeseburger Baby On Food Network’s Mystery Diners

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Mystery Diners Logo

Cheeseburger Baby is on Food Network’s Mystery Diners tonight (Fri April 26th) at 10PM:

When Stephanie and D-Rock, owners of Cheeseburger Baby in Miami, Fla., notice a discrepancy in their register, they suspect an ex-convict employee is stealing from them. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Tracy and John to find out who’s really responsible.

If you miss it, you can catch a replay on April 27th (at 1AM) and May 1st (11PM). It’s also available for download on YouTube for $1.99 and iTunes for $2.99. The preview looks very cheezy and fake (Guillermo? Who chose that name?) which I love and I gotta watch it regardless cause they’re my girls.

Watch the preview:

  • ACS Shap

    The shows a fake. I’m shocked that such an establishment would allow themselves to be used in such a way.

    • Yes, the show is a fake. Cheeseburger Baby’s episode was a recreation of something that actually happened to them.