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5 Napkin Grill Celebrates National Burger Month With The Asiago Burger

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5 Napkin Grill - Asiago Burger
5 Napkin Grill – Asiago Burger

5 Napkin Grill in South Beach is celebrating National Hamburger Month by adding a new Burger to its arsenal. The Asiago Burger is a “beef patty with topped with roasted tomatoes, basil mayo & arugula on a seeded roll with the option to add crispy pancetta“. It’s available through the end of May so don’t put off the inevitable.

5 Napkin Grill Executive Chef Andy D’Amico ‘s Top 5 Burger Tips:

  1. Use ice cold meat (best quality, with at least 20% fat content) and minimal handling while shaping the burgers, use a scale and a 4-5 inch kitchen ring to form the patties uniformly.
  2. Season burgers liberally with salt just before adding to the skillet, never mix salt or seasonings into the meat. Season with pepper after they are cooked.
  3. Use a heavy cast iron skillet, warmed for a few minutes on medium heat then turned to high just before adding burgers to the pan, never overcrowd the pan.
  4. For an 8 oz. one inch thick burger cook for 2 minutes then flip, flip every 1 1/2 – 2 minutes (about 3 times total), cook to an internal temperature of 125 degrees
  5. Rest the burgers for a few minutes before serving to allow juices to distribute evenly

Celebrate At:

5 Napkin Grill
Twitter: @5NapkinGrill
455 Lincoln Road @ Drexel

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