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The Limited Edition Carbonara Burger At Eating House

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Eating House NHM May Poster

When I was a kid I collected G.I. Joe. Sometimes there was a limited edition figure that you could only get by collecting the little UPCs from the backs of the cardboard they came on. I had to have it. I wanted to be one of the few “lucky” boys who had this extra special Sgt. Slaughter figure. But guess what happened? I took too long to send them in and by then the deal had expired. It taught me a valuable lesson: I hate the Hasbro Toy Company. Just kidding. What I’m trying to get at is they are only 24 of these Carbonara Burgers at Eating House every Wednesday in May for National Hamburger Month. Stop saying you’re gonna go, just go and do it to it. Don’t be the one in your circle of friends who didn’t have one. And the best part is there are no forms to mail in.

P.S.: This Burger is really f’in good.

Eating House Carbonara Burger
Only 24 of these Carbonara Burgers are made each Wednesday in May

NHM Details:

National Hamburger Month at Eating House
Date: Every Wednesday in May
Time: 6PM til 24 Burgers Are Sold
Address: 804 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL.
Phone #: 305-448-6524

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