Jersey Dawg Food Truck – CLOSED

Jersey Dawg Food Truck

When I think Street Food, Hot Dogs is the first thing that comes to mind. As a kid, when I visited New York City I remember telling my parents that I wanted a Hot Dog from one of the carts I spotted all over the city. I probably even put Ketchup on it…..Ok, I did put Ketchup on it. I was 7 years old, please forgive me.

The Jersey Dawg Food Truck Trailer is serving a couple of everyone’s childhood favorite, Hot Dogs & Burgers. Now, a Food Truck serving Burgers & Hot Dogs in South Florida isn’t new or even a very original idea. BUT…these are regional stylized favorites. It’s different, at least I think so. Jersey Dawg’s got Rippers (Deep Fried Hot Dogs), NJ style Sliders, Disco Fries and Zeppoles. Looking at the menu made me make the 45-minute drive from my home near the Miami Airport to a gas station on Powerline & Cypress in Ft. Lauderdale where Jersey Dawg was parked.

Unfortunately, the Zeppoles weren’t on the menu and they had just run out of Disco Fries (Fries covered in Cheese & Gravy) when I arrived. I ordered the Chili Cheese Fries which were a suitable replacement. The Chili which was bean-less (the way it should be) and had a nice sweetness to it.

Jersey Dawg's Chili Cheese Fries

Jersey Dawg’s Chili Cheese Fries

Jersey Dawg’s Ripper was right on point. It had a nice pop when I bit into it. The options available were Chili, Cheese and/or Relish for the dog. I got mine with Chili and then proceeded to do the worst job ever of squirting the Deli Mustard on it. I liked my Ripper so much that I went back and ordered another two but this time with Cheese & Chili. I was also able to reproduce my mustard artwork on both of those too. Since I’m not a fan of Relish, I skipped out on trying it.

Jersey Dawg's Cheeseburger & Ripper

Jersey Dawg’s Cheeseburger & Ripper

Since 1946, White Manna in New Jersey has been producing the original version of the Hamburger that White Castle popularized. The technique for creating it is smashing a ball of fresh ground beef on a flat top and covering the smashed patty with Onions (which cook with the rising steam).  In this particular case, Jersey Dawgs uses Martin’s Potato Rolls for buns. I had mine with Cheese and while I’ve personally never eaten at White Manna I can imagine they must taste just like this. I just love the whole smashing technique for the cooking of Burgers and the addition of Onions with no other condiments is a win-win. If you get a chance take a look under the bun at what the patty looks like, it’s beautiful ugly.

Jersey Dawg's Cheeseburger

Jersey Dawg’s Cheeseburger

I’m hoping to score some Disco Fries and an order of Zeppoles on my next visit to Jersey Dawg with a Ripper and a Cheeseburger for good measure, Jersey style son!

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